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Two four-hour classes that cover everything you need to know to make beer at home. The first class will be all about the raw ingredients, brewing techniques, sanitation, and fermentation. The second half will teach how to measure the alcohol content, carbonation and how to get it where you want it, sanitation prior to bottling and how to package your very own beer. For company fun days we offer a concise class where you do everything in one day, we need 2 weeks lead time to make it happen! Graduates of the class get 50% off their first homebrew kit and 15% off any equipment they need. Drinking from the taps is included and encouraged during the class.

Cost: 300 NIS per person

Duration: Two 4-hour classes

Size: There is a minimum requirement of 8 people (maximum 12 people)

Next start date: To be determined based on registration and availability


A 3 hour theory class where you learn everything you need to know to go from an extract brewer to an all grain whiz that gets every stat exactly how you want it every time you brew. Learn the formulas for color calculation, IBUs, %abv before you brew!, how to scale your recipes and more!

Cost: 250 NIS per person

Duration: One 3-hour class

Size: Maximum 8 people

Next start date: To be determined based on registration and availability


Pre-requisite: Must complete the intermediate course first!


So you really love brewing?? Feel like sweating in a factory and lifting heavy things is the career path you want to go down?? Well you're in good company. The good stuff pro-brew course is a 2-week course where you start the day with advance theory going over raw material selection, pricing for recipes, chemical ratios, managing inventory, types of brewhouses you'll find in professional breweries. After the boring stuff in the morning you get to learn hands on in the good stuff factory. Our staff will teach you how to operate machinery, sanitize fermenters, fill out cellaring logs, and most importantly brew your own batch of beer. The course costs 10,000 NIS and we offer 33% discounts for chayalim meshuchrarim. Only one person at a time!

Cost: 10,000 NIS

Duration: Two week course (how many hours a day? what is two weeks? 10 days?)

Size: 1 person

Next start date: To be determined based on student and brewer's availability


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